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do you think starting a new blog right now would gain followers easily? xx love ur blog btw

thank you so much xx i think as long as people like what you posts/reblogs, you will easily gain followers. btw having a nice url is a good way to help people notice you as well. 

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 players gonna play / haters gonna hate / heartbreakers gonna break / fakers gonna fake / i’m just gonna shake, shake it off

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FOLLOW FOREVER // the sweetest and most talented people you will ever have the honor of following

Hi guys, I’m back !!!! Anyone miss me ?

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I just always thought I’d be a comedian. It was way more important to be funny or honest than to look a certain way

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 a l l      w e     a r e        i s      s k i n  &  b o n e      t r a i n e d      t o    g e t   a l o n g    //      f o r e v e r    g o i n g    w i t h     t h e     f l o w      b u t  

y o u ' r e   f r i c t i o n

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